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Supported GPS Devices

We support all devices suported by tracker server. This is the list of already tested devices if you need detail about how to connect your device or which port to use, email us to

Note: Devices listed here are just a reference to all possible GPS devices supported in the platform. We have different port values in our internal configuration and part of this list is not fully tested so behaviors like commands and alarms has to be configured to enable all features. If your device is not fully supported, we will ask you to provide SMS commands, Alarms specifications and more information that will allow us to include all behaviors in our system.

DeviceSupportVersion (Protocol)
TK101Not tested0.1
TK102Yes0.1 (xexun/5000)
TK102-2Yes0.8 (xexun/5000)
TK103Yes0.5 (tk103/5002)
TK103-2Yes0.1 (xexun/5000)
XT009Yes2.8 (xexun/5000)
XT011Yes2.9 (xexun/5000)
TK103-2BYes2.2 (gps103/5001)
TK104Yes2.2 (gps103/5001)
TK106Yes0.8 (gps103/5001)
TK201Yes0.1 (xexun/5000)
TK201-2Not tested0.1
TK202Not tested0.1
TK203Not tested0.1
TK206Not tested0.1
GPS-103Yes0.2 (gps103/5001)
GPS-103-AYes0.4 (gps103/5001)
TW-MD1101Yes2.8 (gps103/5001)
GPS102BYes2.9 (gps103/5001)
GPS104Yes2.9 (gps103/5001)
EC-546Yes2.8 (tk103/5002)
GT02AYes2.8 (tk103/5002)
TT0024Not tested2.9 (tk103/5002)
T1024Not tested2.9 (tk103/5002)
T1080Not tested2.9 (tk103/5002)
T2024Not tested2.9 (tk103/5002)
T2124Not tested2.9 (tk103/5002)
GL100Yes0.8 (gl100/5003)
GL100MNot tested0.7 (gl200/5004)
GL200Yes0.7 (gl200/5004)
GV55Yes2.4 (gl200/5004)
GV55 LiteYes2.4 (gl200/5004)
TZ-AVL02Not tested1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-AVL03Not tested1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-AVL05Yes1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-AVL08Yes1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-AVL09Not tested1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-AVL10Not tested1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-GT08Not tested1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-GT09Not tested1.0 (totem/5007)
TZ-VN06Not tested1.0 (totem/5007)
AT03Not tested2.4 (totem/5007)
AT06Yes2.4 (totem/5007)
AT06+Not tested2.4 (totem/5007)
AT09Not tested2.4 (totem/5007)
Mini MTYes1.1 (enfora/5008)
Enfora GSM2448Yes2.9 (enfora/5008)
Enfora MT­4000Yes2.9 (enfora/5008)
GT30iYes1.1 (meiligao/5009)
GT60Yes1.1 (meiligao/5009)
VT300Yes1.1 (meiligao/5009)
VT310Yes1.1 (meiligao/5009)
VT400Not tested1.1 (meiligao/5009)
GT30Not tested1.1 (meiligao/5009)
GT30XNot tested1.1 (meiligao/5009)
PST-AVL01Not tested1.1 (meiligao/5009)
PT03Yes1.1 (meiligao/5009)
PT60Not tested1.1 (meiligao/5009)
PT300XNot tested1.1 (meiligao/5009)
PT30Not tested1.1 (meiligao/5009)
GT-110PNot tested2.2 (meiligao/5009)
GT-110KNot tested2.2 (meiligao/5009)
GT-110MYes2.2 (meiligao/5009)
GT-110ESNot tested2.2 (meiligao/5009)
GT-110ZSNot tested2.2 (meiligao/5009)
AVL-011Not tested2.2 (meiligao/5009)
VT900Yes2.2 (meiligao/5009)
P008Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
GT 30Yes2.8 (meiligao/5009)
CT01Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
CT03Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
CT04Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
CT04-RNot tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
CT04-XNot tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
OCT600Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
MT01Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
MT02Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
PT01Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
PT03Not tested2.8 (meiligao/5009)
VT1000Yes2.9 (meiligao/5009)
MT80Not tested2.0 (meitrack/5020)
MT88Not tested2.0 (meitrack/5020)
MT80iNot tested2.0 (meitrack/5020)
MT90Yes2.0 (meitrack/5020)
KT90Yes2.9 (meitrack/5020)
MVT100Not tested2.0 (meitrack/5020)
MVT340Yes2.0 (meitrack/5020)
MVT380Yes2.0 (meitrack/5020)
MVT600Not tested2.0 (meitrack/5020)
T1Yes2.0 (meitrack/5020)
MVT800Not tested2.8 (meitrack/5020)
T3Not tested2.8 (meitrack/5020)
TC68Yes2.8 (meitrack/5020)
TC68SNot tested2.8 (meitrack/5020)
T322Yes2.9 (meitrack/5020)
ClientYes1.0 (t55/5005)
GelixNot tested1.0 (t55/5005)
Gelix-2Not tested1.0 (t55/5005)
GPS-911(M)Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
AVL-900Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
AVL-900(R)Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
AVL-900(M)Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
AVL-901(B)Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
AVL-901(C)Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
AVL-901(D)Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
AVL-921Not tested2.7 (t55/5005)
CradlePoint IBR600Yes2.8 (t55/5005)
AspicoreYes2.8 (t55/5005)
Tracker for TraccarYes2.8 (t55/5005)
MultiConnect rCellYes2.9 (t55/5005)
GT200Not tested1.2 (gl200/5004)
GT300Yes1.2 (gl200/5004)
GT500Yes1.2 (gl200/5004)
GV200Yes2.3 (gl200/5004)
DatamaxNot tested1.2 (maxon/5010)
ST200Not tested1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST210Yes1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST215Not tested1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST215IYes1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST215EYes1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST240Not tested1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST230Not tested1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST900Not tested1.2 (suntech/5011)
ST910Not tested1.2 (suntech/5011)
Progress 7sNot tested1.4 (progress/5012)
H02Yes1.4 (h02/5013)
H-02ANot tested1.4 (h02/5013)
H-02BNot tested1.4 (h02/5013)
TX-2Not tested1.4 (h02/5013)
H-06Yes1.4 (h02/5013)
H08Not tested1.4 (h02/5013)
GTLT3Yes2.8 (h02/5013)
TK110Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
NT201Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
NT202Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
S31Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
LK109Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
LK106Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
LK208Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
LK206Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
LK310Yes2.9 (h02/5013)
LK206AYes2.9 (h02/5013)
LK206BYes2.9 (h02/5013)
JT600Yes1.4 (jt600/5014)
GP4000Not tested1.4 (jt600/5014)
GP5000Not tested1.4 (jt600/5014)
GP6000Not tested1.4 (jt600/5014)
EV-601Not tested1.4 (ev603/5015)
EV-602Not tested1.4 (ev603/5015)
EV-603Yes1.4 (ev603/5015)
EV-606Not tested1.4 (ev603/5015)
EV­07PNot tested2.9 (ev603/5015)
V680Yes1.4 (v680/5016)
P10Yes2.2 (v680/5016)
HC207Yes2.3 (v680/5016)
VT810Yes2.3 (v680/5016)
KS168MYes2.4 (v680/5016)
HC06AYes2.7 (v680/5016)
PT80Not tested1.4 (pt502/5017)
PT100Not tested1.4 (pt502/5017)
PT201Not tested1.4 (pt502/5017)
PT502Yes1.4 (pt502/5017)
PT600Not tested1.4 (pt502/5017)
PT510Not tested2.9 (pt502/5017)
AnioSmart­A510Not tested2.9 (pt502/5017)
TR-20Not tested2.0 (tr20/5018)
Signal S-2115Not tested2.0 (navis/5019)
Signal S-2117Not tested2.0 (navis/5019)
CH-4713Not tested2.0 (navis/5019)
CH-5703Not tested2.0 (navis/5019)
TT8750Not tested2.0 (skypatrol/5021)
TT8750+Not tested2.0 (skypatrol/5021)
TT9500Not tested2.0 (skypatrol/5021)
TT9200Not tested2.0 (skypatrol/5021)
TT8850Not tested2.0 (skypatrol/5021)
GSM5108Not tested2.0 (skypatrol/5021)
GT02Not tested2.0 (gt02/5022)
TR02Yes2.0 (gt02/5022)
GT06Yes2.0 (gt06/5023)
GT06NYes2.0 (gt06/5023)
GT09Yes2.8 (gt06/5023)
Heacent 908Yes2.8 (gt06/5023)
GT06Not tested2.8 (gt06/5023)
GT03ANot tested2.8 (gt06/5023)
GT03BYes2.8 (gt06/5023)
GS503Not tested2.8 (gt06/5023)
ET100Not tested2.8 (gt06/5023)
GT100Not tested2.8 (gt06/5023)
GT06DNot tested2.8 (gt06/5023)
GK301Yes2.9 (gt06/5023)
JM01Not tested2.9 (gt06/5023)
JM08Not tested2.9 (gt06/5023)
GT02DNot tested2.9 (gt06/5023)
MT-90Yes2.1 (megastek/5024)
MT-100Yes2.7 (megastek/5024)
GPT-69Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GT-89Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GT-99Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
XT-007Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GMT-368Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GVT-369Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GVT-390Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GVT-500Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GVT-510Not tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
GMT-368SQNot tested2.1 (megastek/5024)
TD230Not tested2.1 (navigil/5025)
uTrace03eNot tested2.1 (navigil/5025)
GpsGateYes2.1 (gpsgate/5026)
FM1100Yes2.3 (teltonika/5027)
FM2100Not tested2.1 (teltonika/5027)
FM2200Yes2.1 (teltonika/5027)
FM3200Yes2.1 (teltonika/5027)
FM4100Not tested2.1 (teltonika/5027)
FM4200Yes2.1 (teltonika/5027)
FM5300Yes2.1 (teltonika/5027)
GH3000Yes2.3 (teltonika/5027)
FM3300Yes2.9 (teltonika/5027)
GruzNot tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
PersonalNot tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
ZoomBoxNot tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
MPU-01Not tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
MPU-01 GLONASSNot tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
MTA-02Not tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
MTA-02-GLONASSNot tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
MTA-02-CAMNot tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
MTA-03Not tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
MTA-12Not tested2.1 (mta6/5028)
TLT-2FNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
V520Not tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-2HYes2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-1CYes2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
V690Not tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
VSUN3338Not tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-3ANot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
V580Not tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-1BNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-2KNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-2NNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-1FNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-8ANot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-8BNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-3ANot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-1DNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-6CNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
TLT-7BNot tested2.1 (tlt2h/5030)
AT-12AYes2.2 (tlt2h/5030)
Syrus GPSYes2.1 (syrus/5031)
E-TrackNot tested2.1 (syrus/5031)
WondeX VT300Yes2.2 (wondex/5032)
WondeX SPT-10Yes2.2 (wondex/5032)
TK5000Yes2.2 (wondex/5032)
Navixy M7Yes2.8 (wondex/5032)
CelloTrack 6M (IP65)Not tested2.2 (cellocator/5033)
CelloTrack IP67Not tested2.2 (cellocator/5033)
CelloTrack XTNot tested2.2 (cellocator/5033)
GalileoSkyYes2.2 (galileo/5034)
V-MT001Yes2.2 (ywt/5035)
V208Yes2.7 (ywt/5035)
TK102 CloneYes2.2 (tk102/5036)
IntelliTrac X1 PlusYes2.2 (intellitrac/5037)
IntelliTrac X8Not tested2.2 (intellitrac/5037)
IntelliTrac P1Not tested2.2 (intellitrac/5037)
XT7Not tested2.2 (xt7/5038)
Wialon IPSNot tested2.2 (wialon/5039)
CCTR-620Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-622Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-700Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-800Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-801Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-802Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-803Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-808Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
CCTR-810Not tested2.2 (carscop/5040)
T-104Yes2.3 (apel/5041)
T-104PRONot tested2.3 (apel/5041)
T-104 GLONASSNot tested2.3 (apel/5041)
MP2030AYes2.3 (manpower/5042)
MP2030BNot tested2.3 (manpower/5042)
MP2031ANot tested2.3 (manpower/5042)
MP2031BNot tested2.3 (manpower/5042)
MP2031CNot tested2.3 (manpower/5042)
TR-600Not tested2.3 (globalsat/5043)
TR-600GNot tested2.3 (globalsat/5043)
TR-606BNot tested2.3 (globalsat/5043)
GTR-128/129Yes2.3 (globalsat/5043)
TR-206Not tested2.3 (globalsat/5043)
TR-203Not tested2.3 (globalsat/5043)
TR-151Not tested2.3 (globalsat/5043)
TR-151SPNot tested2.3 (globalsat/5043)
AT1Not tested2.3 (atrack/5044)
AT1ProNot tested2.3 (atrack/5044)
AT5iNot tested2.3 (atrack/5044)
AU5iNot tested2.3 (atrack/5044)
AX5Not tested2.3 (atrack/5044)
AY5iNot tested2.3 (atrack/5044)
AT3Not tested2.8 (atrack/5044)
AT5Not tested2.8 (atrack/5044)
AU5Not tested2.8 (atrack/5044)
AY5Not tested2.8 (atrack/5044)
AT1Not tested2.8 (atrack/5044)
AX5CYes2.8 (atrack/5044)
PT3000Yes2.4 (pt3000/5045)
FM-Pro3-RNot tested2.4 (ruptela/5046)
FM-Tco3Not tested2.4 (ruptela/5046)
FM-Pro3Not tested2.4 (ruptela/5046)
FM-Eco3Yes2.4 (ruptela/5046)
Trailer TrackerNot tested2.4 (ruptela/5046)
T8803Yes2.4 (topflytech/5047)
T8801Not tested2.4 (topflytech/5047)
T8901Not tested2.4 (topflytech/5047)
StarFinder AIRENot tested2.4 (laipac/5048)
StarFinder LiteNot tested2.4 (laipac/5048)
StarFinder BusNot tested2.4 (laipac/5048)
S911 LolaNot tested2.4 (laipac/5048)
S911 Bracelet LocatorYes2.4 (laipac/5048)
S911 Bracelet Locator HCNot tested2.4 (laipac/5048)
S911 Bracelet Locator STNot tested2.4 (laipac/5048)
S911 Personal LocatorNot tested2.4 (laipac/5048)
A9Not tested2.4 (aplicom/5049)
A1 MaxNot tested2.4 (aplicom/5049)
A1 TraxNot tested2.4 (aplicom/5049)
A1 M2MNot tested2.4 (aplicom/5049)
A5 GLXNot tested2.4 (aplicom/5049)
Aplicom C-seriesNot tested2.4 (aplicom/5049)
Aplicom Q-seriesNot tested2.4 (aplicom/5049)
Omega T600Yes2.4 (gotop/5050)
TL007Yes2.5 (gotop/5050)
TL201Not tested2.4 (gotop/5050)
TL206Not tested2.4 (gotop/5050)
VT108Not tested2.4 (gotop/5050)
VT1081Not tested2.4 (gotop/5050)
TP-20Not tested2.7 (gotop/5050)
EQT-20Not tested2.7 (gotop/5050)
G-TL-020Not tested2.7 (gotop/5050)
GP106MYes2.8 (gotop/5050)
PT200Yes2.4 (v680/5016)
PT350Not tested2.4 (v680/5016)
TK06AYes2.8 (v680/5016)
GC-101Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
CT-24Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
CT-58Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
CT-58ANot tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
GX-101Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
GS-818Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
MT-101Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
MU-201Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
QG-201Not tested2.5 (sanav/5051)
M588SNot tested2.4 (gator/5052)
M528Not tested2.4 (gator/5052)
M508Yes2.4 (gator/5052)
M518Not tested2.4 (gator/5052)
M588NNot tested2.4 (gator/5052)
S208Not tested2.4 (gator/5052)
S228Not tested2.4 (gator/5052)
M518SYes2.8 (gator/5052)
NR002Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
NR006Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
NR008Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
NR016Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
NR024Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
NR028Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
NR032Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
UT01Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
UM02Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
UT04Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
UT03Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
UT05Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
UT06Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
UP102Not tested2.4 (noran/5053)
M2M-MiniYes2.4 (m2m/5054)
OsmAndNot tested2.4 (osmand/5055)
SendLocationYes2.5 (osmand/5055)
Locus Pro AndroidYes2.9 (osmand/5055)
ET-01Yes2.4 (easytrack/5056)
ET-06Not tested2.4 (easytrack/5056)
SierraYes2.7 (taip/5057)
KG100Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
KG200Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
KG300Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
KC200Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-101ANot tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-101PNot tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-101ENot tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-103Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-106Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-108Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-269Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-269BNot tested2.7 (khd/5058)
T360-269JTNot tested2.7 (khd/5058)
VT600Not tested2.7 (khd/5058)
VT600XYes2.8 (khd/5058)
Piligrim PL250Not tested2.7 (piligrim/5059)
Piligrim 6000NNot tested2.7 (piligrim/5059)
Piligrim PatrolNot tested2.7 (piligrim/5059)
Piligrim StealthNot tested2.7 (piligrim/5059)
Piligrim Tracker-6000Not tested2.7 (piligrim/5059)
STL060Yes2.8 (stl060/5060)
iTrackProYes2.8 (cartrack/5061)
MiniFinder PicoYes2.9 (minifinder/5062)
HI-605XNot tested2.9 (haicom/5063)
HI-604XYes2.9 (haicom/5063)
HI-603XNot tested2.9 (haicom/5063)
HI-602XNot tested2.9 (haicom/5063)
HI-602Not tested2.9 (haicom/5063)
HI-603Not tested2.9 (haicom/5063)
HI-604Not tested2.9 (haicom/5063)
GOT10Yes2.9 (eelink/5064)
TK116Not tested2.9 (eelink/5064)
TK115Not tested2.9 (eelink/5064)
GOT08Not tested2.9 (eelink/5064)
GPT06Not tested2.9 (eelink/5064)
K9+Not tested2.9 (eelink/5064)
K6Not tested2.9 (eelink/5064)
BOXoptions+Not tested2.9 (box/5065)
BOXtrackerNot tested2.9 (box/5065)
BOXsoloNot tested2.9 (box/5065)
BOX iSpotNot tested2.9 (box/5065)
Freedom PT-9Yes2.9 (freedom/5066)
Telic SBC-AVLNot tested2.9 (telik/5067)
Telic SBC3Not tested2.9 (telik/5067)
SBC3Not tested2.9 (telik/5067)
PicotrackYes2.9 (telik/5067)
Picotrack IP69 KNot tested2.9 (telik/5067)
Picotrack Endurance PrimaryNot tested2.9 (telik/5067)
Picotrack Endurance RechargeableNot tested2.9 (telik/5067)
TrackboxYes2.9 (trackbox/5068)
84 VTNo2.9 (visiontek/5069)
86 VTYes2.9 (visiontek/5069)