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Geofences and Points Of Interest (POI)

Geofences allow vehicles to stay in or out of a geographic delimited zone, we provide a great user interface to easily allow you manage your geofences. Points of Interest is a zone linked to the vehicle or GPS device, when the GPS get close to the POI the customer will receive an alert via SMS and Email. This resource is amazing to know when a dispatch has arrive to its destination.

  • Inclusive and Exclusive Geofences

    We support inclusive and exclusive geofences, with inclusive geofences you stablish a geographical area to allow vehicle transit only inside that area, the exclusive geofence forbid the access to that zone.

  • Real time SMS and Email notifications

    We worry about real time communications, AxiomaGPS will send any GPS or system alert with few seconds of delay (10-35 secs). The client will receive a SMS notification. Also the administrator or administrators will receive email alerts in case the client inbox is not available or email is rejected.

  • Distributors POI (Point of Interest)

    This feature is specially designed for distributors or fleets with special location needs. When the vehicle arrives to certain POI (point of interest) the system will send Email and SMS notifications with location, time and more.

  • Geofence activity report

    The activity report will include all Geofence behaviors to ensure you can analyse and get conclutions about vehicle usage and driver qualification.