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Datacenter and Technologies

AxiomaGPS is worried about quality, availability and resources performance, that's why we don't hesitate investing in top world wide leaders, Amazon AWS. You as AxiomaGPS will get all buldled advantadges of using the best infraestructure of the world.


AmazonAWS has international infraestructure available in over 190 countries all their products and services are available to allow us give you the best services ever. Relational database services, Route53, Elastic IP and much more allow us to increese performance and scalability so you won't have to worry about stability, we take care of it and we guaranty 99% availability for you and your customers.


We trust in Open Source technologies because it offers security, stability and high performance. Open Source technologies are the most used all around the world and huge companies use them, so why shouldn't we use it too?